1898Hotel Place Viger and Railway station opens its doors in Montreal.

1911Railway operations are moved to Gare Berri, south of the Viger station.

1950The building is sold to the City of Montréal.

2012Gare Viger is acquired by Jesta Group and the restauration work begins.

2019Construction work of the next phase of development begins.

1901The Royal Family is greeted at Hotel Place Viger during their visit to Canada.

1935Hotel Place Viger officially closes its doors.

1951Railway operations cease in the Viger and Berri sector.

2015Lightspeed & Coalision establish their headquarters in the Château.


Lightspeed, the fastest-growing tech company in Quebec, enlisted ACDF Architecture to overhaul the upper floors of the Château and transform them into an award-winning space hailed as the “Most Beautiful Tech Office of the Year” in 2015 by Fast Company.

Lightspeed is pioneering the site’s revitalization; their creative, innovative and entrepreneurial approach is perfectly in line with the vision of the fully developed project.

The developer


The Jesta Group is a family-owned Montreal-based business that has been working in the real estate industry for four decades. Its large portfolio of hotel, residential and retail projects can be found across Canada, the United States and Europe. Place Gare Viger is home to Jesta’s international headquarters and is the pride of the portfolio.

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